Andonovski: Overemployment is not the issue, but the dysfunctionality of the administration


There is a strange situation, even though it has been stopped with the scheduling of the elections. In December 2023, the Government makes a decision on the transformation of fixed-term contracts into indefinite employment, and MISA should give its consent after a fast-track procedure of 3-7 days. And here begins a race in the institutions to hire people faster.

Some procedures have been completed, but some have been stopped because of the elections, but those people are promised that they will be accepted after the elections, which is a classic pre-election bribery. That information of the Government about employment transformation is illegal. The government should have submitted such a law for these 2,700 jobs in the Assembly and thus voted. Now those people are in limbo and it creates unrest among people, says Stefan Andonovski, Deputy Minister for Information Society and Administration (MISA) in an interview with TV 24’s STUDIO 10.

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