One-year prison sentence – first ever verdict in Macedonia for hate speech based on sexual orientation


The Negotino Basic Court, deciding on the indictment of the KavadarciProsecutor’s Office and on the criminal complaint by the Queer Center, against the person S.M. from the municipality of DemirKapija, for the crime of spreading racist and xenophobic material through a computer system, brought a verdict that the accused is guilty of the crime for which he is charged, informed the Skopje Queer Center.

In July of last year, the defendant wrote two comments on the Facebook social network under shared media content with disturbing hate speech towards the LGBTI+ community, in which he called for violence against this marginalized group. With that, the defendant committed the crime of “spreading racist and xenophobic material via computer system” from Art. 394 Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code, so the court sentenced the defendant to an alternative measure – a suspended sentence, a prison sentence of one year.

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