SSM to stage protest on April 2 due to the Supreme Court decision to confiscate its building


The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM) announces that on April 2it will protest in front of the Supreme Court due to the decision it made to confiscate the building of the Workers’ Home, and on May 1 – International Labor Day, the traditional May Day protest will be organized, from which a message will be sent that the workers expect at least 450 euros minimum wage in the first 100 days from the new government and the return of food and transportation.

“We will organize a protest on April 2nd in front of the Supreme Court in order to show the judges that they should be brave and quickly pass a new verdict that will return the Workers’ Home to the workers. On Tuesday, we will encourage them to change the shameful verdict on the confiscation of the Workers’ Home and its allocation to the state. The state does not need another building, it needs workers and unions,” SSM president Slobodan Trendafilovtold a press conference on Thursday.

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