“Macedonia Yours Again!” – new slogan of the election campaign of VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition


“Macedonia Yours Again! – Changes in your hands” is the slogan and signature of the parliamentary campaign of VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition “Your Macedonia”, said VMRO-DPMNE on Saturday.
“The slogan with which VMRO-DPMNE will perform is the result of previous extensive analyzes which confirm that the main feeling is the feeling of helplessness among the citizens after the devastating rule of SDSM and DUI. It is the feeling that the people are losing the state from their hands and that there is not a single system in the state that works, which is the dominant opinion in all research and analysis. This can be seen from the numerous examples such as the modular hospital, the lack of passports and personal documents for citizens, the shortcomings of even textbooks in education, crime everywhere and the ubiquity of corruption, as well as the impunity of the perpetrators are burdens that burden the Macedonian society,” pointed out the main opposition party.

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