Parents’ protest: Both parents should be guardians after divorce, the law should be changed immediately


Children in Macedonia are victims of a system that does not take care of family values, because after a divorce, even if the parents agree on joint custody, our law does not provide for that, civil society organizations react. So, there is a division of parents – a guardian, who has full parental rights, and a parent in absence, who practically has no right over the child’s development. Civil organizations protested in front of the government, from where they said that the Macedonian law that regulates this issue is from the 70s, the oldest in the region and extremely discriminatory.
“We want to prevent this trend, so that the child does not lose his own parent unnecessarily. If there is a good reason for one parent not to see the child, it should be done by the court, not the center for social affairs as it is now. I can make a statement against the woman and the center acts only on that statement,” said the president of the “Nashi” association, Sasho Pangovski.
The association says that the law set in this way, unfortunately, makes it possible to take away custody due to false statements. Statements are made in social, where there is no responsibility for what is said, instead of in court.

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