It’s necessary to change the calculation model of pension growth, says SPM


Due to the bad policies and the ignorant attitude towards the pensioners, the Government led by SDS and the DUI must be defeated by the citizens of Macedonia in the elections and nationally appointed persons who will take care of the pensioners and all the citizens in the country must be elected, says the Socialist Party of Macedonia (SPM), and adds that it understands pensioners’ dissatisfaction with the latest adjustment of pension growth by 5.3%.

“The SDS and DUI authorities persistently brag that this is an increase in pensions, but in fact it is only a partial approach to the growth of inflation and to the growth of the average salary, which as a model has not been successful and must be changed. The longer delay in pension growth caused by the SDS and DUI government has devalued the money of the citizens who have been paying into the pension fund for years. Pensioners are impoverished, insulted and angry that their survival is threatened precisely by the bad policies of the government that ignored their protests and demands,” said the Socialist Party.

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