VMRO-DPMNE: SDSM health ministers lied to the citizens for 7 years and did not keep any of their promises


VenkoFilipche with SDS and DUI shamelessly promote projects that were given as promises in the Life Plan and had absolute authority and the opportunity to realize the same promises, after seven years. Unfortunately, the largest percentage of about 80 percent are unrealized promises in the health department, for which Filipche is the most responsible, who, apart from lies in practice, left behind a ruined healthcare system, said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Monday.

The five ministers of health, of which Filipche is the minister with the longest term, are directly responsible for the decline of health.

These are just some of the promises made by Filipche that were not kept:

  1. The non-construction of a clinical center, a promise given in the Life Plan – not only is there no clinic, we have a claim for the collection of 20 million euros, compensation for the non-construction of a clinical center.
  2. Even today, the specialists do not receive the promised salary of MKD100,000, the same Filipche promises salaries to the nurses who, after 7 years of his and his party’s rule, left them on a minimum wage.
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