Are the falsified documents released by SDS the work of consultant Asaf Isein?


The SDSM shameful and undignified attitude to use forged documents to attack media, agencies and of course to attack VMRO-DPMNE is just another part of the mosaic of the scandal about the questionable foreign consulting of SDS and Stevo Pendarovski by the controversial foreign consultant Asaf Isein, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski at a press briefing on Thursday.
“Asaf Isein is part of an Israeli group led by Tal Hanan for the distribution of fake news, a black campaign and for delaying elections or reducing turnout, through falsifying documents and evaluating persons and agencies through the media, says the report of the investigation of the largest international journalist OCCRP research group,” stressed Stoilkovski.
The opposition spokesperson said that the UK Guardian describes them as manipulators who use hacking, sabotage and disinformation on social media, through a special system that contains thousands of fake profiles, email addresses and e-commerce accounts.

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