Samoil’s kidnappers sentenced to 8 years in prison


The first defendant Viktor Milanovski for the kidnapping of Samoil Kostadinovski (Ljube Boshkoski’s nephew) received five years and ten months in prison, and the second defendant Sasha Celikikj got two years and two months. The two were found guilty by the Judge Slavica Naumova-Josifovska for having committed the crime of kidnapping.
According to the judge, the Prosecutor’s Office proved that together with the person who is on the run and other unknown persons, they kidnapped a person, with the threat of depriving him of his life. Their intention was to make the injured party pay for previously stolen narcotics – goods in the amount of four kilograms.
The Prosecutor’s Office requested that Milanovski’s detention be continued, and that Celikikj be placed under house arrest.

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