Easter celebrations begin: Today is Holy Thursday


With the evening liturgy on Great Wednesday, the great Lenten liturgies end, and special liturgies continue, with a different composition and special significance. Until Holy Wednesday in the liturgical texts there is an incentive for people to cry because of their sinfulness, and from Holy Thursday a different kind of crying of believers begins – crying from the sight of the terrible suffering, torture and crucifixion of Lord the Savior.
Holy Thursday commemorates the events that happened before the Savior went to voluntary suffering. On this day we remember: The Last Supper and everything that happened then: the preparation, the washing of the feet of the apostles, the lesson on humility and brotherly love, pointing out the traitor and Judas’ exit from the supper, the establishment of the Holy Eucharist, the announcement of Peter’s renunciation, the Farewell sermon of Christ with 11 apostles, the end of the Last Supper and the exit from Jerusalem to the Mount of Olives – in the Garden of Gethsemane.

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