Enforcement agents collected EUR 160 million in 2023, of which 42 million from the citizens


Last year, 93 registered enforcement agents collected 159,761,407 euros, according to the 2023 published report of their chamber. Only in the territory of the Basic Court Skopje and the Skopje Criminal Court were forcibly executed 92,440,068 euros, reported Faktor.mk.

The collection from citizens as individuals is a record – 41.9 million euros, a result better than a year before – 40.5 million euros in 2022, which before that was considered to be by far the most successful. The collection from state institutions as debtors is also a record – 29.53 million euros, which is by far the best result from previous years. 90.34 million euros were received from business, that is, from legal entities.


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