Mickoski sends message to young people: Don’t give up on Macedonia!


This is my message to the youth, don’t give up on Macedonia, we are counting on you, without you and without your energy there will be no changes. You are needed for the new times that are coming. We will enable you to realize your dreams together, here to build your future and happiness. Get involved in the changes and give your voice. Choose a force that can defeat and change a decaying system. Believe in the people who can truly improve your life and bring more happiness to everyone, said VMRO-DPMNE leader HristijanMickoski in his address at yesterday’s rally in Skopje.

The opposition leader also sent a message to the elderly citizens, the pensioners, and emphasized that he will always take care of them and that they are pressed with problems, and instead of spending the best times and enjoying the fruits of decades of work, they are protesting for the rights that belong to them and promised them increase of pensions by MKD 5 thousand.


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