Balancer tool destroyed expertise and competence, says Andonovski


The balancer is not a fundamental value of the constitution. The balancer tool was used to operationalize the employment of people in the public administration in order to respect the fundamental value, adequate and fair representation of the members of all communities, but it has reached absurdity, said the additional deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration Stefan Andonovski on Monday.
The absurdity that Andonovski mentioned refers to the institutions. The law for employees in the public sector is being manipulated, with a delay in the response from MISA, on the basis of the annual plans, a positive opinion is automatically given to each institution, so you have institutions like the Ministry of Political System, where 95% of the employees are Albanians, and less than 5% are Macedonians, so we get a complete imbalance, explained Andonovski.
Andonovski added that for a certain job, the citizen first chooses nationality, and the institutions do not look at the qualities, but rather the person’s ethnicity

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