Newsmax: Mickoski demonstrated a profound determination to drive Macedonia towards a positive change


This country has a chance to become the first basic brick for a stable Balkans – a tall task that the next administration will have to undertake.

In Newsmax’s analysis of the challenges faced by the countries of the Balkans was highlighted the determination of the leader of the largest opposition party VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski to drive Macedonia towards a positive change.

“Mickoski’s vision is one of robust governance, free from the shackles of corruption, and geared towards economic revitalization through foreign investment.

Moreover, his commitment to fulfilling NATO obligations and accelerating EU accession speaks to a deep understanding of North Macedonia’s strategic imperatives.

This is particularly important given the context of the presidential election upcoming on the other side of the Atlantic, as Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly encouraged NATO allies to meet the 2% defense spending target.

Hence, North Macedonia fulfilling its NATO budget requirement would strengthen not only the Balkans, but the Alliance as a whole.”

Read the entire analysis on Newsmax.

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