Three people arrested for the Universal Hall fire


Regarding the fire in the Universal Hall, three construction workers B.R. (50), Z.T. (60) and B.I. (53), who were performing work tasks at the time of the fire were detained at the Centar police station, informed the Macedonian Ministry of Interior.

As the police said, on Tuesday (04/09/2024) around 09:45 a.m. it was reported to the Skopje PD that a fire broke out in the Universal Hall in Skopje. Immediately after receiving the report, police officers and members of the Fire Protection Brigade were dispatched to the spot, and extinguished the fire around 11.30 am.

Two middle-aged women were admitted to the Toxicology clinic with mild gas poisoning, EVN crews in the entire vicinity of the hall stopped the supply of electricity, and on Petar Pop Arsov Street, two women were stuck in the elevators of the buildings, who were pulled out by the Intervention Police Unit.

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