All surgical rooms in the Clinical Center out of order for two days in a row


All surgical rooms in the clinic complex are out of order and for the second day no surgical interventions are performed even for the most difficult cases, such complaints have arrived these days to the VMRO-DPMNE Health Committee from patients who are outraged because they were not even informed about this situation.
“The outrage is especially pronounced because the public does not have basic information about what is happening in the operating rooms, the intensive care unit and the coma center, even though transparency was the word that the effective authorities did not take out of their mouths, nor is there any information about when the interventions were rescheduled that the patients barely got to to get an appointment, considering that you have to wait for months even for the simplest interventions. We see the failure to build a new Clinic and the failure to invest in infrastructure these days at the Clinic, especially including the consequences of the inaction and incompetence of the outgoing government,” said the VMRO-DPMNE Health Committee.

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