Korcha PPO demands cooperation with Macedonian authorities to interrogate a prisoner for double murder


The Korcha Public Prosecutor’s Office as part of efforts to shed light on the murder of the brothers Martin and Andrea Oldashi, is expanding the investigation to North Macedonia as well, Albanian media reported.

“The Prosecutor’s Office sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice of North Macedonia, regarding the inspection of the person Flamur Dauti, arrested for drugs in a village near Prilep. Specifically, the authorities there are being asked to allow questioning of inmate Dauti with whom the victims had contact. A positive response from the Macedonian authorities would help justice in the investigation of the double murder, for which there are still no perpetrators,” report the Albanian media.

The double murder took place in December 2020 in the village of Shqitas, Municipality of Maliq, and according to the investigations, after the two brothers were executed, their bodies were thrown into an irrigation canal.

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