Trenchevska protects thugs in public institutions, says Ministry of Labor


Late Tuesday afternoon, at the proposal of the additional Minister Jovanka Trenchevska, the Government made an illogical, illegal and extremely immoral decision, said the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

“The decision dismissing the director of the Center for Social Work in Radovish has been annulled. Director Aleksandar Filev was dismissed on April 4, 2024 due to the filing of one criminal complaint and three misdemeanor charges against various members by the Bureau of Public Security of Strumica Interior Department, OVR Radovish. On March 9, the Ministry of Interior informed that A.F. (36) was detained at the police station in Radovish on March 8, in an intoxicated state, to report a violation of public order and peace in which he participated, he began to behave aggressively towards the police officers. Just a month ago, the same person, Aleksandar Filev, was arrested by the police for illegal drug trafficking.

Due to severe damage to the institution’s reputation, the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Gjoko Velkovski, made a decision to dismiss him.

We ask, publicly, the additional Minister Jovana Trenchevska if she is aware of the damage she is doing to the Radovish Center for Social Affairs and the Ministry, which is part of its job to protect victims from precisely such actions as the staff who set them up. What else are you ready to do to protect your staff?,” asked the Ministry.



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