Constitutional Court initiates proceedings for 14 cases relating to the work of 14 municipalities


The Constitutional Court initiated a procedure for 14 cases which they established on their own initiative, and which relate to the work of some municipalities.

The court expressed doubt that 14 municipalities, without having legal authority, have prescribed themselves the authority for authentic interpretation of the regulations they pass. This is possible if the legislator determines such competence, which is not the case now, according to the Constitutional Court.

At the 12th session, it was decided to stop the execution of the individual acts or actions resulting from the disputed provisions in the Regulations for work in the municipalities, which refer to authentic interpretation. It is about: Kumanovo, Krivogashtani, SvetiNikole, Kochani, DemirHisar, Bosilovo, Dojran, ChucherSandevo, Radovish, Cheshinovo-Obleshevo, DemirKapija, GjorchePetrov, Probishtip, Pehchevo.

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