Macedonia is going backwards in the fight against corruption, shows Freedom House report


According to the latest Nations in Transit 2024 report published by Freedom House today, North Macedonia remains hybrid regime. The 11 countries designated as hybrid regimes, which have characteristics of both autocracies and democracies, are poised between the region’s two geopolitical and normative blocs. This uncertainty has left their institutions in a vulnerable position, leading overwhelmingly to democratic setbacks rather than triumphs in 2023, as stated in the report.

Macedonia is placed under the term “cyclical hybrid.” Among some hybrid regimes, regular changes in the ruling elite shows a lack of meaningful structural change over time.

According to the report, the country suffered from major setbacks to the rule of law and persistent high-level corruption during the year, as parties clashed over constitutional amendments necessitated by Bulgaria’s veto of the country’s EU accession efforts.

In the 2024 report, Macedonia’s rating went down- from last year’s 3.86 to 3.79.


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