SEC verified the MP candidate lists Thursday evening


The State Election Commission (SEC) verified the MP candidate lists for the May 8 parliamentary elections on Thursday.
The draw of the ordinal numbers on the ballot is to take place on Friday.
The SEC has confirmed that the following coalitions and parties have submitted lists in all six election districts: SDSM-led coalition, GROM-led coalition, DUI-led coalition, Worth It coalition, VMRO-DPMNE led coalition, Makedonska Era Treta, Levica and ZNAM.
The SEC member Boris Kondarko clarified at the beginning of the session that no deadline is in question and indicated that all deadlines will be observed and all activities will be undertaken by them in accordance with the Electoral Code. He informs that for tomorrow, starting today, they are planning the draw for the ordinal numbers on the ballot for the parliamentary elections

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