Film-like prison break prevented in Idrizovo – two tunnels found through which the prisoners were supposed to escape


A film-like prison break took place in the largest Macedonian penitentiary Idrizovo. Two tunnels were discovered in the prison, which were supposed to be used for the escape of an unknown number of prisoners. The prison break was prevented, and the police searched the prison today (yesterday), “360 degrees” reports.
In the only official statement from the Prosecutor’s Office that has been released so far, it has been confirmed that there was a search in the Idrizovo prison with the aim, as stated, “to provide evidentiary material”.
“In an action coordinated by the Skopje Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office, due to suspicions of criminal acts, searches were carried out this morning in the Skopje Idrizovo prison with the aim of securing evidentiary material,” said the Prosecutor’s Office.
The search in several cells of the Idrizovo prison was also confirmed by the Ministry of Interior.

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