Pendarovski continues to spread fake news with which he is trying to save himself from the catastrophic defeat, I personally signed dozens of job contracts for Albanians in IA, says Chulev


Pendarovski continues to spread fake news, I have personally signed dozens of job contracts for fellow Albanians in the Intelligence Agency, said Former Interior Minister Nakje Chulev in a Facebook post on Sunday.
“President Stevo Pendarovski, in his style, manipulates the public in a desperate attempt to save himself from a catastrophic defeat, declaring that until he came ten or 15 years ago, the Albanians in the Intelligence Agency were just tidying up the yard. I have personally signed job contracts for dozens of fellow Albanians in management positions and for representatives of the Agency abroad. In any case, this is a great disparagement of the work and contribution of fellow Albanians who, at the cost of security risk to their lives, were on the side of the state,” said Chulev.

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