Mickoski: The choice in these elections is for Macedonia to be proud again, or to be ashamed, humiliated, robbed again!


The choice in these elections is between Macedonia being proud again, or being ashamed, humiliated, robbed again, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said in a Facebook post on Monday.

“In these elections, the choice is between Macedonia being proud again, Macedonia being worthy, Macedonia being yours, or Macedonia being ashamed, humiliated, robbed. That’s the choice. Please do not fall for the rhetoric of the government that wants to impose on you that they were for the EU, the European Front, and we were against the EU. It doesn’t exist. The choice is either Macedonia the way the vast majority of citizens want it, or Macedonia the way these few from DUI and the SDSM quislings want it,” Mickoski said in his post.


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