Over 400 resident doctors on strike over monthly allowances, regulation of employment status


Over 400 resident doctors are taking part in a general strike on Monday, not performing their duties at the Skopje clinics and other hospitals and outpatient clinics across the country.

Resident doctors are demanding increase in the monthly allowance of Mden 26,000 to the level of an average wage of a doctor in a public health institution, as well as regulation of employment status and health insurance coverage for all resident doctors.

They said they will end the strike only if they receive a written guarantee that their demands will be met.

“Unfortunately, we decided to take this step because the Ministry of Health is not interested in resolving our problems,” said Hristina Ilioska Cheshlaroska, resident doctor in internal medicine.

She noted that following the protest held in March, resident doctors had a meeting with the Health Minister, during which they had received a promise that their demands will be included on a government session’s agenda, but they have no response for the time being.

According to Ilioska Cheshlaroska, a representative from the Ministry of Health has contacted resident doctors to tell them that a meeting is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Monday at the Government.


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