Nonavalent HPV vaccine to be available for boys starting next month


The regular immunization calendar has been modernized with the nonavalent HPV vaccine – GARDASIL 9, which will be available at vaccination sites in a month. Apart from the change from quadrivalent to nonavalent HPV vaccine, a novelty from this year is the fact that the vaccine will also be made available for boys, said Health Minister Ilir Demiri at a press conference Monday.

Demiri emphasized that this vaccine will offer better prevention of human papilloma virus (HPV) infections, precancerous lesions, such as cervical cancer.

“It is about success achieved together with our international partners, harmonization of legislation and following the path to the European Union. Citizens of Europe and the USA have had this right for several years, now it is possible here as well. A new vaccine, which has been used in the world for a long time. With this vaccine, we will offer better prevention for HPV infections, as well as for precancerous lesions, as well as for cervical cancer. This, according to researches in the world where the vaccine has been applied for years and the number of cases has decreased,” said Minister Demiri.

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