Shtip Prison employee injured in a fight between two groups of prisoners


Sh.N. from Batinci, Skopje, reported that his son Z.N., who was serving a prison sentence in the Shtip Penitentiary, called him and told him that he had information that he would be assaulted during the night. Also, around midnight in the Shtip police department, from the Punishment – correctional institution Shtip Prison, it was reported that the public order and peace was disturbed in the prison with a physical confrontation between two groups of prisoners and that they have knowledge that several people are traveling to the prison in Shtip in order to help one group.

“After taking measures, police officers with the Shtip PD found 30 people with 10 vehicles in front of the prison, and during the inspection of the persons and vehicles, a wooden and sharp object was found and confiscated in one vehicle. During the physical altercation in the facility, one employee was injured and was taken to the Shtip Clinical Hospital for assistance. Measures are being taken to clear up the case,” the Ministry of Interior informed on Monday.


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