Macedonian Post trade union demands new systematization


The trade union of the Macedonian Post will prepare a systematization, submit it to the future government and insist on its immediate application, as a starting solution for the situation in the Post, which, as union leader BoroVeligdenov said, is on the verge of existence, and over 2000 jobs are at risk. After the elections, they will be asked to sign the new collective agreement that they prepared, but for which the work of the commission was stopped a year and a half ago. An immediate improvement of the working conditions and the provision of funds is also required because, according to the Union, there are enormous difficulties in working in this state.

At a press conference in front of the Government, Veligdenov emphasized that they are already consulting with the membership about organizing a new protest and starting a strike procedure, after they did not receive a response to the requests for a meeting with the Government after last month’s protest.

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