Healthcare professionals demand higher wages, benefited seniority, infectious disease allowance, says Kostovski


Higher wages, benefited seniority, infectious allowance for everyone regardless of who is in which workplace, change of collective agreements, demanded healthcare professionals from PHI Specialized Hospital for Geriatric and Palliative Medicine “13 November” in Skopje on Wednesday.

President of the Independent Union of Geriatrics Lazo Kostovski emphasized in a statement to the media that all governments had turned a deaf ear when it came to healthcare.

“It’s not just this government, but also in the past. Healthcare is collapsing, sinking. Our first demands, basic as they are, are a linear salary increase for all employees, we want to change the collective agreements. The general collective agreement in particular is not good at all. Because harmonizing the minimum wage with the collective agreement and the minimum wage law is not harmonized. Changes should be made both in the minimum wage law and in the general collective agreement. Contract workers, they suffer more at this moment because they come to work on Saturdays and Sundays and holidays, they work for MKD20,175, which is the minimum wage, these are criminal contracts,” said Kostovski.

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