SDS threw the country into chaos, it’s time for changes and they are within reach, these elections are Macedonia’s last chance, says opposition


SDS has thrown Macedonia into chaos. Institutions are paralyzed, apathy and disappointment silence the citizens. Corruption is widespread in every pore of society. In Macedonia, with the SDS, the services that the state should provide to the citizen have become a mental noun, said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Thursday.

“It’s lottery luck if someone can take out a passport and personal documents, patients are not sure what kind of therapy they are getting, unscrupulous money is being made on the backs of the most vulnerable, nepotism everywhere, justice nowhere, not only the young, but also the elderly are thinking of leaving the country without looking neither system nor order. We are ashamed of their undignified performances around the world. We are at the top of the lists of corruption, misery and poverty. In the seven years that SDS and DUI have been in power, they have over-indebted the state, destroyed the system and made crime the pillar of their functioning,” said the main opposition party.


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