SONK won’t allow wage payment contrary to the Collective Agreement for the cultural activity, says Nedelkov


The independent trade union for Education, Science and Culture (SONK) will hold an extraordinary session of the Council on Thursday, where it will decide on further steps due to the delay in the March salary for about three thousand employees in the culture activity. SONK President Jakim Nedelkov said at a press conference that they will probably make a decision on a protest, even though it is an election period, and if the problem deepens, Nedelkov said, they will probably make a decision on a general strike in cultural institutions.

SONK expressed dissatisfaction with the delay in March wages, which, according to the General Collective Agreement and the Collective Agreement in the area of ​​culture, employees should receive by the 15th or 10th of the month. According to the harmonization of salaries with the minimum wage in the country, their March wage should be increased by 12 percent.

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