MFA advises Macedonian nationals in Israel to exercise caution, no new evacuation requests


There are no new requests for possible evacuation of our citizens in Israel and the Middle East region, Macedonian Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said on Friday.
“There are no new evacuation requests reported. We are constantly monitoring the situation. This morning I had another conversation with our ambassador to Israel. There were some reports that Israel had attacked Iran during the night, but they have not yet been confirmed, so I did not inform you on that matter. However, this is the information from the morning conversation I had with our ambassador, but we have no request either through the SOS phone or through our Embassy for evacuation,” said Osmani to a media question after the statement in the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, where he was part of the election activities as a presidential candidate.
The foreign minister pointed out that the United States has a recommendation to its nationals not to leave Tel Aviv and the main centers of Israel due to possible attacks. Osmani said that the Macedonian MFA will send a message of caution on Friday to Macedonian nationals staying in Israel.
In addition to the Embassy in Tel Aviv, the embassies in Cairo, Abu Dhabi and Qatar are available to our citizens. All citizens who are in the indicated region can get in touch with our Embassy in Tel Aviv on the duty phone 972 549 267 378 as well as the SOS duty phones of the MFA 075 273 732 and 075 268 376 in order to prepare for a possible evacuation.

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