Zaev communicated directly with everyone involved in the “Racket” case, says Boki 13


The “Racket” case has not yet been closed. That case should be completely solved, everyone involved should be held accountable, and the general public should finally find out what exactly happened and where the money went. Therefore, today I officially submit a request to the Basic Criminal Court for retrial of the “Racket” case, Bojan Jovanovski-Boki 13 that was convicted in the “Racket” case told a press conference on Friday and added that he had solid evidence that he will present soon, pointing out former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev as the person who communicated directly with all criminally charged, affected by the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) proceedings.
Prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska presented only two or three messages that I exchanged with the then Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, and from those two or three messages it appears that Zoran Zaev knew about the “Racket” case, but in a positive affirmative sense, that is, that he is the man who defended the law. And I will tell you that he is anything but the man who defended the law. So, Zoran Zaev was the man who communicated directly with all the persons who were criminally affected in the proceedings of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office. Zoran Zaev was the man who in a position of power had real authority and could influence many actions and influenced many actions,” said Bojan Jovanovski.
Jovanovski revealed that he even faced pressure before the press conference on Friday, but as Boki 13 said, he was not afraid at all and will continue to speak out.

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