Pendarovski accepts presidential debate with opponents


SDSM presidential candidate and outgoing head of state Stevo Pendarovski finally, after all his opponents did so earlier this week, accepted the invitation of the national public service to participate in a debate with all the competitors in the presidential race, and after several television houses previously reported that they did not receive a response to their invitations for a pre-election confrontation.

“Given that all my opponents have accepted the invitation to take part in a Macedonian Radio Television debate, I have decided to accept the invitation as well,” President Pendarovski said on Sunday.

Pendarovski reiterated that it was necessary to look into public allegations of the broadcaster being used to carry out fake polls on political parties’ and presidential candidates’ approval ratings to manipulate public opinion.  In pointing to this, Pendarovski said he was staying true to the principle of transparency in his duties both as President and as a campaigning presidential candidate.

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