Toshkovski: Opening the border crossing at Markova Noga will be important for the development of tourism


Caretaker Minister of Interior Panche Toshkovski on Sunday visited the Resen Interior Department, the Police Station for Border Surveillance Markova Noga and the Bitola Interior Department.

“The police station for the Markova Noga crossing covers a part of the southern border line to Greece, where no cross-border crime and illegal migration is observed, and I was aware that the implementation of a joint project with Greece has already begun within the framework of the development of cross-border cooperation, which includes the opening of a border crossing which will be important for the development of tourism in this part, and is financially supported by IPA,” Toshkovski said.

The interior minister noted that the Bitola Interior Department, a sector that covers the largest territory of all the sectors in the country where about 270,000 inhabitants reside, continuously faces a staff shortage necessary to effectively deal with security challenges, and the situation is also bad in terms of equipment with vehicles.



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