We are now hearing the most beautiful promises from SDSM because they will not have the opportunity to realize them, says opposition


Even if the Constitution had been amended, we would not have become a member state of the EU. Change is not the number one issue for EU entry, but corruption and crime in Macedonia. The EU does not want a member state in which crime and corruption flourish, said VMRO-DPMNE’s Dafina Stojanoska, the list holder of ED 6 in an interview with TV21.

During her visit, she added that in seven years SDSM did nothing, and they are to blame for the failed economy, which the citizens feel the most.

“Now we hear the most beautiful promises from SDSM, because he will not have the opportunity to realize them. They spent 20 billion budget funds, and we did not see a single capital investment. Now they can promise everything, but they should give an account and answer why they didn’t realize anything,” said Stojanoska.

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