Mickoski replies to Ahmeti: Very soon you will be sick of biscuits and milk


VMRO-DPMNE party leader and the MP list holder of ED1 Hristijan Mickoski announced that he called the Albanian opposition to unite against the Government and expressed his intention that immediately after the elections, on the very first day, he would make contact with them for joint cooperation based on principles around which we will unite.

“On the same day, Ali Ahmeti called on me, shared insults and threats, but he should know that not only are they not intimidating me, but they are also making me laugh. The threats come from a man facing political retirement, less and forgotten, but with a good throat, which he exercises by singing at state institutions and party celebrations. My childhood meal was important to Ali… I shall give hi an answer! Ali, my meals in my childhood were made by my parents with a lot of love and sacrifice to raise and educate me into a person who will respect and fight for his Macedonia. It is important, Ali, to give an answer what you fed your children, so young boys make millions, buy the Soravia, or you a palace in Zajas, like some Middle Eastern sheikh, not a politician from poor Macedonia,” said Mickoski in a Facebook post.

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