MoI, PPO and National Security Agency prepared for upcoming presidential elections


In connection with the upcoming elections today in the premises of the Ministry of Interior, Minister Panche Toshkovski held a meeting attended by Additional Deputy Minister Mitko Bojmacalijev, Director of the Public Security Bureau Sasho Tasevski, Director of the National Security Agency Zharko Miloshevski, Public Prosecutor Ljupcho Kocevski and the president of the Commission in the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the RNM for monitoring possible election irregularities, Xhelal Bajrami.

At the meeting, Minister Toshkovski first thanked for the time and successful cooperation of all stakeholders responsible for the safe implementation of the election process and emphasized that no more serious activities aimed at disrupting it have been detected so far. He also asked the attendees to share information that is of interest for the implementation of the elections and the way the institutions will act during the Election Day.

The Additional Deputy Minister of Interior Bojmacalijev emphasized the tendency to have more and more peaceful elections from year to year, with the same expectation for this year’s election processes, because the Ministry of the Interior is ready to be up to the task of conducting more fair, free and democratic European elections.

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