Mickoski: This is the victory of the people, the tsunami has risen and is hanging over their heads, it will completely submerge them on May 8


Today the people showed they love Macedonia. I promised we would win by a margin of at least 100,000 votes and we are winning by more than 170,000. This is VMRO-DPMNE’s best result when in opposition, this is a yellow card for the government and the red must follow, said VMRO-DPMNE party leader Hristijan Mickoski after the first round of the presidential elections.
“The people poured out and the message is loud and clear, Macedonia is not afraid, Macedonia is going back to the people’s hands. The whole nation, we together with you against a hundred merchants from DUI and SDSM who are the cause of all the suffering, poverty and crime in Macedonia,” said Mickoski.
“This is a big win for the Macedonian people. The tsunami has risen and is hanging over their heads, and on May 8 it will completely submerge them. We have an obligation to demolish all their ideas of calculations and betrayals, all their humiliations that they have been doing especially these past days. This is a revolution, a revolution of the people of Macedonia. Nevertheless, the job is not done and the authorities are not naive. The first round is the yellow card but the red card must follow on May 8. We need a convincing result, a clear win over this criminal and corrupt government,” said the VMRO-DPMNE leader.

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