Vanja’s father Aleksandar Gjorchevski goes to house arrest


The Supreme Court of the Republic of North Macedonia accepted the appeal of Vanja’s father, Aleksandar Gjorchevski, and canceled the measure of detention and ordered house arrest and precautionary measure for the accused.
“The Supreme Court of the Republic of North Macedonia informs the public that after the public session held on 04/25/2024, the Council for Criminal Offenses passed a Decision with which the complaint of the accused A. G., stated through his defense counsel Vladimir Tufegdzikj, a lawyer from Skopje, respected it, and the decision of the Skopje Court of Appeal KSZ-320/24 dated 04.02.2024, changed it in such a way that the determined measure of detention against the accused A.G. revoked it and determined house arrest and precautionary measures for the accused,” the Supreme Court informed on Thursday.
Gjorchevski is suspected of aiding in the abduction of his daughter, 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska, who was reported missing on November 27, and was found murdered near Skopje on December 3, while Panche Zhezhovski from Veles was also found dead near Veles. Zhezhovski was reported missing on November 24.

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