Pavle Trajanov re-elected as leader of Democratic Union


At the seventh Congress of the Democratic Union (DS), attended by over 400 delegates and guests, the party’s Central Council, consisting of 80 members, was elected. Pavle Trajanov was re-elected as party leader.

As the DS said, the Congress also adopted a call to the citizens to get involved in the changes, which, among other things, states that fundamental reforms and personnel renewal are necessary.

“Macedonia is stuck in a political quagmire, fundamental reforms and personnel renewal are necessary if we want to move all processes forward. In these elections, it is decided whether values ​​will be incorporated into the system that will guarantee the construction of a decent and modern European state, independent of the government, a state of free and creative citizens, proud of themselves and the state they belong to and are building. Macedonia must succeed, it is our duty and promise to future generations. To be or not to be, that is your decision! Vote and determine the future of Macedonia, democratic, free, strong and respected by all,” said the opposition party DS.

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