Nearly 60 percent of the citizens will vote in the elections, reports Detektor


Nearly 60% of citizens will vote in the parliamentary elections, according to the latest survey of 59.8% of public opinion conducted by the Institute for Political Research – Skopje for Detektor. According to the survey, 59.8% of the citizens said that they will vote in the elections, while 20.5% decided to stay at home.

As expected, there is the least interest in voting among the youngest, especially among those under 30 where 43.9% of those surveyed said they would vote, while among citizens over 60, over 78% said they would vote.

There are no differences in the answers according to the ethnic structure of the respondents. Both Macedonians and ethnic Albanians in an identical number of about 60% said they would vote in the elections.

A total of 46.8% of those surveyed say that in the parliamentary elections they will vote for the same party they voted for in the previous elections, while even 33.2% plan to vote for a party they did not vote for in the previous elections.

The Detektor survey was conducted by the Institute for Political Research Skopje on a representative sample of 1079 respondents in the period from April 16 to April 20, 2024.


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