Mickoski tellsAhmeti: Today the names of 8 defenders who were brutally murdered in Vejce in 2001 are being spoken most loudly


Literally very time when DUI literally steals, it hides itself with national and ethnic themes. Today they hide behind the curtain of Europe. And while their mouths are full of Europe, and Kovachevski humbly listens to them and kneels before Ahmeti, we hear him in the middle of Skopje chanting UCHK, UCHK, said VMRO-DPMNE party leader HristijanMickoski at the rally in Bitola.

“Those words spoken by this man stained with heavy crime and bloody hands, wearing a suit that does not wash away his sins, are an insult to the Albanians who steal the most, and to us Macedonians. And when Ahmeti says that the Macedonians didn’t have clever people, it means that he just doesn’t know where to look. Bitola also gave birth to heroes with brave hearts who sacrificed their lives before the altar of freedom for our homeland. There are many of them, hundreds and thousands, but today, on April 28, the names of the eight defenders, including four from Bitola, Macedonian heroes who laid down their lives in 2001 in Vejce, are most loudly spoken,” said Mickoski.

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