Administrative Court rejects the Academy of Judges and Public Prosecutors’s appeal


Another defeat for the weakest duo in the justice department, Minister Lloga and deputy Madikj, for the favorite SDSM director Gaber Damjanovska and Xhelal Bajrami, the executor of DUI in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, says Antonijo Miloshoski after the Higher Administrative Court dismissed the appeal of the Academy for judges and Public Prosecutors as unfounded and confirmed the decision of the SCPC, which accepted the objection of Gordana Siljanoska-Davkova for violation of the Electoral Code by the Academy of Judges. The decision is final and enforceable.

“At the same time, this is good news for all quality lawyers. This is a victory for the law and the protection of the electoral code from the political engineering of these four government officials, who will have to repeat the Roman legal lesson Dura lex sed lex,” said Miloshoski.

The procedure for taking exams at the Academy and establishing employment for 130 trainees for judges and prosecutors is stopped due to the violation of the Electoral Code by the officials of this institution.

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