There was a winner-with-winner rule that no longer applies, DUI broke it, says Mickoski


I regret that the DUI leadership is still living in some times in Macedonia that are now in the past. Macedonia is a country of all its citizens, it is neither a federation nor a bi, three, four national state. According to the Constitution, Macedonia is a state of all citizens, according to democracy the one who has 61 MPs forms the future government in Macedonia or forms the government. I don’t know how they decided that they are representatives of the majority non-Macedonian population in Macedonia. I think that we are all citizens of Macedonia, Macedonians, and I appreciate that politics should not be seen as a buffet, so DUI will now take a little from SDSM, a little from VMRO, a little from some other political party, said VMRO –DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, asked by reporters during Tuesday’s visit to the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia.

The VMRO-DPMNE leader points out once again that democracy is based on the principle that whoever has the majority in the Parliament forms the Government.

“Democracy is based on the principle that there is a majority in the Parliament and that majority forms the Government, I don’t know which May agreement DUI is talking about, I don’t know which winner-with-winner rule There was a rule in the past, a winner with a winner that is a result of the past, that agreement and that rule, unfortunately, they themselves broke in 2017, and I would like to remind once again that we should not see politics as a buffet, then a little with one, a little with the other, etc. If VMRO-DPMNE wins a majority as expected, we do not have even elementary confidence to cooperate with DUI, so they must go into opposition,” stressed Mickoski.

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