Dimitrievski tells SDSM: Arrogance brought you to this level


The ZNAM – For our Macedonia movement organized a picnic in Pelince on Wednesdayfor May 1-  Labor Day and sent a message to the SDSM leadership:

“Those same ones who allowed the opening of Bulgarian clubs that contain the name of VanchoMihailov during their term and trampled not only social democracy, but also Ilinden and Asnom leftist values ​​and principles, accused us of being a one-man party.

Their arrogance is unsurpassed. This SDSM leadership, with this arrogant approach, led the party to the historically weakest result.

Not only did they insult ZNAM, they also insulted me personally, they also insulted another 84 thousand citizens who voted for the movement ZNAM-FOR our Macedonia.

“Unlike the SDSM leadership, they accepted the extended hand. Our goal is to continue uniting the citizens and we will work exclusively in the interest of Macedonia, state and national interests,” added the party.

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