Turkish party THP leaves Ahmeti’s European Front


The Turkish MP candidates who are in a coalition with the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) within the framework of the European Front do not share common values, so they decided to leave this coalition after the elections, said Enes Ibrahim, leader of the Turkish Movement Party (THP) and MP candidate of the Coalition for the European Future in ED 5 in an interview for Pressline.al.

“Coalitions should have certain values, in this case, if they are the European Front, political parties that believe in this concept should really participate in that coalition, and not those that just want to have an MP, and then at 8 pm on May 8 to escape into different coalitions. In the past years, this happened within the framework of other coalitions, so most of those coalition partners will not stay with DUI because they do not share the same values ​​with DUI. The coalition led by DUI, I think, is not principled. Most of those coalition partners were previously in a coalition with VMRO-DPMNE, then they were with SDSM, so after the doors were closed to them in SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE, they found a backdoor in DUI. When I talk about an unprincipled coalition, I’m talking about European values. In this coalition you have political parties and individuals who have always been anti-NATO, anti-Europe. And that’s why this coalition is unprincipled and will not be successful,” believes Ibrahim.

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