Mickoski: Kovachevski blames everything but himself for the debacle


From the people’s pre-election rally in Strumica, VMRO-DPMNE leader HristijanMickoski, in his address to the present citizens, among other things, said a few words about the leader of the Social Democratic Union party (SDSM) DimitarKovachevski, who, as he said, was to blame for the great defeat and debacle in the elections on April 24th, yet he looks for it everywhere, just not in himself and his people.

“He looks for the blame for his defeat and debacle everywhere and in everyone, but not in himself and his people. It very wrongly reminds us of some past times, shouts and yells at half-empty rallies that the regime will return and I don’t know what else. So I want to respond to him. He can look back on what was 10 or 15 years ago, on what was 50 and a hundred years ago, but the people are dissatisfied and furious because now they live badly and because they don’t have money to pay their electricity bills, because the standard of living has been destroyed,” Mickoski said.

Regarding what Kovachevski calls the regime, Mickoski reminded him of the footage from before during the grand opening of the new MNT building, where he applauded and admired it.

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