Academician Kocarev: The current government and the current president are to blame for the hopeless situation of the Macedonians and the mistakes in European integration!


To “hit the brakes” and stop the spiral of errors in the European integrations, demanded academician LjupchoKocarevin an interview with TV Alfa and reporterLjupchoCvetanovski. The fault for the road-position in which Macedonia found itself is specific and located directly in the current government of SDSM/DUI and in President StevoPendarovski, believes the former president of MANU.

“Since the current government and the current president of Macedonia, the sole culprits for the hopeless situation in which the Macedonians found themselves: in the EU only as Bulgarians and nothing else, will leave the political scene of Macedonia once and for all, the answer to the question, in the words of RistevskaJordanova, is: “There is no justification for the current haste. We need stability, security, reason. There is time and space for everything, except for new mistakes. The only urgency is to stop the spiral of mistakes. To say it simpler – it’s time to “hit the brakes”, to first break the current downward spiral. To stop the divisions along all lines in the name of the “bright European future”, to stop the disintegration of the institutions. And then through dialogue and internal strengthening, to set, and what is most important – to implement, clear priorities, which will actually serve, above all, the citizens of this country,” said Kocarev.

What do I think “hit the brakes” means? First, termination of the signed bilateral agreement with Bulgaria. Second, let’s start and let it last for at least one year, unanimously, all left, right, colorful, single-colored, in the center, on the periphery, let’s talk about the unfair, humiliating, illogical, senseless articles and attitudes of the agreement with Greece,” points out academician Kocarev.

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