Workers’ rights are violated, the state does not take care of those who are the backbone of the economy, let’s make Macedonia yours again, says Mickoski



Today, workers’ rights are violated and trampled on. The state cares very little for those who create and are the backbone of our economy, said VMRO-DPMNE leader HristijanMickoski in a Facebook post on the International Labor Day – May 1.

“The mobbing of workers is rarely talked about, but the biggest problem is the salaries that have been eaten up by inflation. They are not enough for even half of the necessary consumer’s basket.

The problems are many, but we must carry the solutions together and decisively. The first step is the changes that must happen, and those changes are in your hands. Together, let’s make Macedonia strong, great and yours again.

Happy May 1, International Labor Day!,” reads Mickoski’s Facebook post.

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